We have law enforcement agencies that must ensure our safety. We also have representatives in the Parliament who must protect our interests.

We all can contact them by sending a letter to the deputee. What’s in that letter? We ask to protect our rights and conduct an audit. How did it happen that different parties nominated members of the same labor collective, and only those nominees were unanimously voted in by the Executive Committee? How did it happen that there is no judicial protection of voters’ rights, and that it’s planned to not let observers enter the polling stations?

Ask these questions to the people you’ve elected! The “Honest People” initiative prepared a convenient platform to help you do it.
Go to the website, select your district, enter the required information and, lastly, check your email for a completed letter addressed to your deputee! All you need to do is print this letter and mail it to the Chamber of Representatives (220010, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Sovetskaya st., 11). Full text of the letter is available HERE. The letter is also available in Belarusian.

If a deputy does not fulfill the deputy duties stipulated by the law, voters may initiate the procedure to recall the deputy.

Voice your opinion! We must be reckoned with.
United we will win.

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