As early as 10th September, Maria filed a criminal complaint, naming all the names and positions of the people who organized her abduction, threatened her, and tried to forcibly remove her from Belarus.

The Investigation Committee decided not to consider Maria’s application, but to refer it to the Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry of Internal Affairs refused to initiate criminal proceedings.

«Attention! The decision to initiate or not to initiate a criminal case is up to the «Ministry», whose deputy ministers personally organized and committed these crimes.

On January 27th, I was denied a criminal case. Am I surprised? Oh, no! There, in the office of Karpenkov, the gentlemen Kazakevich and Pavlyuchenko told me in all detail what awaits me if I do not leave the country: detention centers, prisons, humiliating searches, compromised health, oblivion. I will have to forget about books (Harari, Hawking, Chao!), about music too, because my fingers will be broken, and in a month everyone will forget about me. 25 years in a colony, where I will sew a uniform for him (Kazakevich), which he will wear on special occasions. So no, I’m not surprised.

I’ll keep going to the General Prosecutor’s Office, the court, and you can file at least 10 more cases against me. It won’t save you. You did it – you know it, I know it, your ministers know it, your head of state knows it, your colleagues and your accomplices know it, the witnesses (and many of them), your children know it, your wives, your parents, your friends, and your family know it. You did it!», – Maria Kalesnikava noted.

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