Nobody can be recognized guilty without a court judgement in force. This right is guaranteed by the Constitution. It is called presumption of innocence.

We are sure Viktar Babaryka is innocent. But his imprisonment is even more unacceptable. And we will keep fighting against this restraint using all the legal methods.

That is why tomorrow, July 28, at 16:00 we are going to submit the Motion for Personal Suretyship for Viktar Babaryka to the KGB at the address: Minsk, 17 Nezavisimosti Ave. In this Motion, we plea to change Viktar Babaryka’s imprisonment with personal suretyship.

If you support this Motion and agree that Viktar Babaryka’s imprisonment in the detention centre is unjustified, fill out the Motion and submit it. It is your right as a citizen.
It is the opinion to be reckoned.

Please, be warned that by signing this document you enter into certain recognisance. The latter are described in the Motion.
By the way, Svetlana Aleksievich and Vladimir Tsesler have already signed the Motion.

Together we will win.

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