Comments on results of CEC meeting

“Good day, dear friends!

Today the CEC (Central Election Commission) held a meeting on our appeal!

We thank the CEC for the opportunity to personally attend this event and for the opinions expressed during the discussion of our appeal!

It was very important to get the CEC’s position on the issues outlined in our documents in order to adjust further actions.


  1. If there are violations, you must report them with all the details. In the Declaration on Fair Election, we called on everyone to act in a transparent and open manner, report violations and support each other preventing persecution. If there was a violation – you can report it. Anonymous messages will not legitimately be considered by the CEC, but if a message contains details of the offense, witnesses, and the information about the signatory – they should definitely be considered in accordance with the law. Any citizen has also the right to recall his or her signature submitted for the nomination of any candidate before the signature sheets are submitted, without providing any explanation about the reasons for the recall.
  2. We will definitely follow the recommendation to contact those state organizations where signatures were collected by members of one of the initiative groups, and we are confident that the CEC’s conclusions will be confirmed, and all candidates for the presidency will be given equal opportunities to collect signatures.
  3. We hope that certain questions, including the limitations of permissible statements during campaigning, will be clarified more clearly in the CEC’s written response.

Thank you all and let’s make the election fair!» – Viktar Babaryka.

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