Declaration of Fair Elections

Update: this afternoon Viktar Babaryka submitted the “Appeal on Violation of the Legislation of the Republic of Belarus on Elections” to the Central Election Commission. The full text of the appeal is attached to the Declaration below.

I am a citizen of the Republic of Belarus. And I have the right to elect and be elected. Both by the Constitution and by conscience.

Only I have the right to claim that I will or will not vote for someone. I don’t want any statements discriminating against people based on their gender, nationality, or profession to be made regarding my possible choice.

I want and have the right to fair elections, free from dishonest and provocative behavior.

I can and must do my best to ensure my right to choose. I do not want to be forced to vote or to append my signature for anyone against my will. I don’t want to hear insults or threats towards the presidential candidates and I don’t want to see these threats realized, especially with the help of law enforcement bodies. I don’t want to hear unsubstantiated accusations of crimes or violations levelled against candidates: if they are true, I want all confirmed facts about violations to be immediately disclosed to law enforcement bodies which can then initiate criminal proceedings or refuse to register a presidential candidate.

I know that my duty to society is to report violations of the right to fair elections.

I understand my responsibility and will oppose dishonest elections and unlawful behavior both towards myself and towards my friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

I know that it is the duty of society and my personal duty to support every decent citizen who has told the truth and faced persecution.

Everyone has the right to security, and no one should worry about their own life or those of their loved ones when exercising their right to vote.

What can and should I do personally?


– if my superiors asked me to put my signature in support of someone during office hours;
– any act of coercion (by threat of dismissal, forfeiture of bonus, bad grades, etc.) to influence my vote;
– any fact of bribery (by offering a bonus, a promotion, accommodation in a dormitory, etc.) to influence my vote;
– cases of distortion of state statistics, concealment of real facts from the society when something is threatening public safety, including sanitary conditions.

Invest my time and effort into

– supporting each person nominated as a presidential candidate by signing for him/her;
– helping presidential candidates with my knowledge and experience as a volunteer;
– nominating or supporting the nomination of the most respected members of the society to the district electoral commissions;
– participating in electoral assemblies, expressing my opinion on social issues;
– applying to become an observer and making sure that the elections are fair and legitimate.

Use my resources

– to support those who might face unlawful and unjust persecution or deprivation;
– to support those citizens who will sacrifice their time and resources to realize my right to fair elections.

Viktar Babaryka appeals to all potential presidential candidates to express their solidarity and support for the stated principles of organizing a fair and free campaign.

We ask all citizens of the Republic of Belarus, especially members of electoral commissions, law enforcement officers and public servants, to support this Declaration.

On Monday, June 1, 2020, we are going to file complaints about recorded legal violations regarding interference of administrative officers in the signature collection process, bribery and voter coercion. We ask everyone to report such violations! We will use all your reports to support our complaint. Telling the truth is easy and feels food — the more people report legal violations, the fairer the elections will be.

We urge people who have been forced to put their signatures to speak out. If you are fired or deprived of a bonus, we will provide you with legal and financial aid, as well as other types of support.

We will set up a direct hotline, provide violation complaint forms, and assist people in submitting them. If any of you are persecuted for it, we will connect you to people who can help. We urge you to help each other and not be afraid to act using legal means.

We will send this Declaration to all media outlets and ask them to publish it.

If you have knowledge of violations of the electoral law, including cases of bribery or voter coercion, interference of administrative officers or abuse of official authority to collect voter signatures, please fill out the attached complaint form to the CEC with a detailed description of the violation and send it to: 11 Sovetskaya st., Minsk, 220010.

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