– I love writing letters, and I always do it with great pleasure. To my father, my sister, my close ones, my friends, and all those who support me in these difficult times. For four months now, it’s the only way I’ve been able to communicate with the world, and I treasure it.

Strange things began to happen after letters were published identifying the individuals and entities involved in my abduction, detention, threats to life, and the failed special deportation operation. And in December, I wrote over 200! letters to my close ones and friends (and only 23 to dad), how many have reached? Practically nobody got my letters.

The prison administration assures me that all correspondence is sent to the post office after a check by the censor. On the contrary, everything that comes from the post office is delivered to me. The Investigative Committee, to my question whether there is a ban or restriction on correspondence, answered in the negative.

Attention! Question: Where are my letters? Who violates our right to correspond? Who will answer for the fact that paid services, stamps, envelopes, postcards are not realized? Why does the post office that accepts the payment for these services fail to do so?

Maria Kalesnikava, like many other political prisoners, faces a problem with letters. It’s a form of pressure. Friends, all we can do for them now is write letters. Our strength is in solidarity!

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