How we are planning to protect every signature you put for Viktar Babaryka

Dear Friends! Today we are submitting part of signatures to the regional election commissions. And we would like to tell you how we are planning to protect every signature you put for Viktar Babaryka.

We have been treating the collected signatures very carefully. In addition to the verification and confirmation process, our Headquarters has worked out a specific procedure on how to submit signatures to the election commissions.

Why is a special procedure necessary?

Commissions accept calculated signature sheets and record the number of collected sheets in the registration journal without any details. It turned out that such a journal could be made out of a simple notebook. The pages of such journal can be neither sewn together nor numbered.

How can we make sure that a commission will check the same pages that our coordinator submitted? Or that a commission will check the sheets specified in the protocol (for example every fourth list)?

How can a software application help us?

We created a special software which prepares covering letters with the following content: the surnames included in a signature sheet, and the order in which signature sheets are arranged.

It is a large scope of work. But now we can confirm the submission dates for every sheet, the order of the sheets in every file, and the surnames of voters in each sheet.

Why is it important?

On June 12 election commission members refused to accept our covering letters after they contacted the Central Election Commission.
Not only they refused to register our covering letters but also they did not provide the complaints book.

We cannot force election commission members to confirm the acceptance of the covering letters therefore we will send the covering letters to follow by post. The approach remains the same: we know how, when and in which order every voter left their signature.

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