We must make sure that everyone knows about political prisoners!

Friends! Dozens of people were arrested for their civic position and desire for change, for saying “no” to the current government and “yes” to the new Belarus. The authorities want to muffle these voices behind bars and a blank wall of the pre-trial detention center. But we, the Belarusians, remain at large! There are many of us, we are the majority! We can give a voice to all political prisoners.

We can spread information by any means: put their portraits on social networks avatars, draw posters, record videos in their support, share the information with friends, publish stories on social networks – help political prisoners. Together we must make sure that they are talked about everywhere, so that the whole world knows about them. Recognition will help bring about their release.

The website of the human rights center Viasna has an every green list of political prisoners, as well as those convicted on administrative cases. Support everyone you can!

Together – we are not scared! United we will win!

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