We are starting a new special project. 23.34 – are the figures that the whole Belarus got to know in the summer of 2020. This is an article about violation of organization or holding of public events. The article, according to which Belarusians are detained for no reason, they are given daily arrests and administrative fines, they are beaten up and bullied. The article should not exist in the new Belarus, because its existence violates the Constitution.

Our task is to collect information on all violations by the police related to peaceful protests, beginning from the start of the election campaign. 

We will conduct a large public investigation of all episodes of psychological and physical violence, torture, ill-treatment and the fact of being prosecuted under art. 23.34 and other articles, that the authorities use to repress participants in peaceful protests. If you have been detained during, after or in connection with peaceful protests and convicted under art. 23.34, 23.4 or related articles, please, share the information about your experience with us.

Ultimate goal of the project is fair trials is to bring fair trials to all those involved in the repressions against the Belarusian people. 

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