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On Wednesday, June 24th we went live again. Here are some points in brief.

First of all, we conveyed that the lawyer was able to talk to Viktar Babaryka, who is currently kept in the KGB detention center.

“Viktar is in good health. We know that you are writing postcards to him, thank you very much. So far he has received only one of them, but we do hope that in the near future the rest will also be handed over to him.”

Solidarity campaign

This campaign demonstrated that the people, who want to see this country change, have unified and become a single force:

“We have been astonished by your solidarity and support. We understood that we are a single united nation. We cannot be intimidated. We don’t need anyone to take decisions for us, where we can stand, how and where we should walk. We salute the bravery of the militia officers, who exercised their better judgement. Today is the time of the brave, we grew unaccustomed to it over 26 years. We want peace and the authorities want to escalate the cycle of violence. Militiamen, do not be ashamed of your uniforms, you gave your oath to us. You have power, but you also have the responsibility. Do think prior to doing something. Uphold order, protect us, we must feel safer thanks to you.”

What’s going to happen on July 14th?

The spokesperson for Viktar Babaryko’s campaign reiterated: “Regarding what is going to happen on July 14th. We believe that the authorities should deal with their fears and register Viktar Babaryka as a presidential candidate. He is going to win in fair elections. We’ve submitted all of the required documents and are waiting for the affirmative response. In case our application is turned down, we reserve our right to demand his registration.”

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