we launched a bot

Dear friends, we receive more and more applications from those who want to sign for Viktar Babaryka through our website. And we have invented way to help thousands of those who want to leave their signatures and thousands of members of the initiative group to find each other.

Now everyone who wants to leave a signature can fill out a form on the site.

All the applications left there are sent to Telegram channels, where the members of the initiative group can choose the nearest ones.

(This is what the Telegram channel with the applications looks like. There is a separate channel for each region, also separate one for Minsk).

Important: the bot is only for members of the initiative group with a certificate.
All those who have received the ID can register with the bot and start selecting applications in their region.

Members of the initiative group get registered with the bot and get the opportunity to pick up their applications.
By clicking the «I’m taking» button, a member of the initiative group receives details of the application from the bot – phone number and name of the applicant.


(The details of the application are in a personal chat with the bot. Only the member of the initiative group who received the request sees them).

On the map, you can find the requests waiting for their selection, as well as see the requests that have already received signatures.

In less than 3 days of the bot operation, the members of the initiative group have parsed more than 5000 requests, collected almost 1500 signatures, and more than 1200 people managed to sign before the call from the member of the initiative group.

Today, May 30, applications left on May 27 and 28 are being received.

Leave your application and a member of the initiative group will contact you within a few days.

There are many of us! We will win together!

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