We wish to recall that Victor Babariko has been held in remand center for seven months only because the authorities in power saw him as a strong contender in the presidential election. Just a month after the announcement of his decision to become a candidate, Victor Babariko gathered such strong and extensive support among the Belarusians, which became obvious: his freedom leads to the inevitable and logical end of the existing political order.

Victor Babariko’s rating doesn’t drop, no matter how long he’s been in custody.

On 18th January, the case file was transmitted to the General Prosecutor’s Office. From the moment the Public Prosecutor’s Office refers the case to the court, it can take up to two months to the first hearing. In any case, this court will be an important event of the year. We demand that the court should be open, with access to an independent press.

Belarusians roiled on Babariko’s detention, on the refusal to register him as a candidate. Thousands of Belarusians congratulated Victor Babariko on his birthday. We’re sure tens of thousands will support him this time.

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