We already collected 425, 000 signatures

Dear friends!

We have already collected 425,000 signatures! You are unbelievable!
That is an all-time record in the history of independent Belarus.
Thank you very much, we love you. You are Heroes! Every one of you has done a very important thing: you have made the step towards building a New Country.
We were hoping to reach 500,000 signature target by the end of this day.

Unfortunately, we are being actively prevented from achieving our goal. Earlier this morning, Eduard and Viktar went to deposit the next batch of signatures that you have collected. However, we currently have no way to reach them, as their phones are not available. The DFI (Department of Financial Investigations) keeps their door closed, there are no comments from their side either.

Anyway, watch our weekly stream this Friday at 19.00. We have worked hard and will make an important announcement about what we are going to do next, whether Viktar and Eduard are with us or not.

See you!

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