Viktar Babaryka

Thank you, from me and our whole team!
We are Belarusian, and we are incredible!
We’ve achieved the impossible in the past three months!
We came together to support one another.
We managed to gather a task force of 10,000 people in mere 7 days.
Collected a record number of signatures, 435,000. Such milestone has never been reached by another opposition candidate in a contemporary history of Belarus.
We were able to present a line up of truly competent candidates, each of whom is capable of leading a country.
We built an Uber-inspired internet bot to help us gather signatures, and another bot to help with promotion.
We built a unique voting verification system, with our verification team working tirelessly around the clock.
We recruited a 1000 of likeminded volunteers, supporting our efforts on a daily basis.
We coordinated an exceptional signature collection and delivery system across Belarus.
We shared dozens of legal ways of protecting our rights.
We all sent and continue to send letters (#листынадзеи) to political prisoners.
We supported and continue to support all “Honest people” («Честные люди»).
We do everything within our power to ensure that each one of your Votes counts.
Along the way we’ve developed and appreciation for reading and understanding legal documents.
Gathered 700,000 plus signatures for all opposition candidates combined.
In just 15 minutes, with great enthusiasm, we united three separate campaigns into a single joint effort; that’s unprecedented.
We held 22 joint rallies in all major Belarusian cities.
While the incumbent was summoning his inner circle in his palace, we peacefully assembled in the streets.
We held the largest rally in the history of contemporary Belarus.
We were told this won’t work. We were lied to, intimidated and detained. They rejected our signatures, our votes, and wouldn’t accept our complaints or register our observers.
They kept trying to convince us that there is nothing we can change.
And yet, we united for the future of our country.
We began to hope and believe in ourselves.
We didn’t respond to insults and rudeness. Instead, we remained composed and treated our opponents with honour.
We supported those of us who were detained, by providing legal aid and funding.
We celebrated those who showed initiative and spoke their mind.
We rediscovered that change is possible and it’s within our reach.
We believe that we are talented and incredible.
A bright future awaits us.
We are calling for peace.
We love our country, and love who we are.

We are Belarusians. And we are incredible!

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