Dear friends! Viktar Babaryka’s campaign headquarters – wherever its members are, in prison or free – keep moving to our common goal. We are still playing exclusively on the legal field, although the authorities have long forgotten where this field is located.

We still have a lot of plans and tasks: organizing new fair elections, releasing political prisoners, initiating criminal proceedings on the cases of violence and torture, holding a referendum, creating a party. We, the people, have no intention to discuss with the regime the Constitution, which Viktar Babaryka offered to change three months ago. We will change it by the rules set by the Belarusians, not by the authoritarian rules. The authorities have already shown their attitude to any Constitution.

We believe in goodness, in victory and in all of us. Remember: none of us will stop. Our patience and our efforts are more than enough, and the protests will only end with our victory. Keep expressing your disagreement, keep coming out to the streets – it’s driving them crazy.

Every day, we are one step closer to the victory thanks to no one but you – the Belarusians, who are fighting together. And as Maria Kalesnikava says, push, push, push!

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