Dear friends! Attention! What we are about to tell you is of the utmost importance.

We have prepared instructions on what to do next.

1. What should we do today?

At 17:00 tomorrow, we are submitting an appeal to the Central Election Commission (CEC). You can do the same. An appeal form can be found by the following link. You need to fill out your details, sign it and submit to the CEC. Use your legal right for appeal. Download the form, fill it out and come to submit it. Get in line, but please remember about social distancing. We need 1 million appeals. We are all going to have to wait in line, but that is a necessity.

Why do we need it? Because we must express our disagreement with the egregious and unlawful actions of the authorities.

2. What should we do next to prevent fraudulent elections?

Everyone — absolutely everyone — must monitor the upcoming elections. In order to do that, each of us should join the initiatives that aim to do that. We should all become observers and come to the polling stations on August 9. This way we will be able to prevent unfair tallying of votes, falsification of ballots and vote rigging. Detailed instructions are provided by the following link.

We must prevent electoral fraud. People should get the numbers that are real and not invented by the authorities.

3. What should we do on August 9?

Under no circumstances should you stay at home thinking “Nothing will change anyway”. Nothing will change unless we are there on the election day. Each and everyone should to come to the polling stations and vote. If we do not come to the station on August 9, we will support the acting President. If we do not vote on August 9, we will support the acting President. Each of us should vote for any of the alternative candidates we consider worthy, or against everyone. Why? Just to show that the current authorities have long lost the support of the majority.

To sum up: we need to submit the appeal to the CEC (we will have to stand in line, but that is a necessity); we need to register to be observers at the polling stations; we need to come and vote on August 9.

We are at the beginning of the way which ends with victory. We must all unite now and act together. Please, follow this instructions and distribute it among your friends and relatives. We really count on your help and perseverance. These are now important as never before. Together we will win!

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