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Today we had a traditional HQ news stream. Read the main theses.

How is Viktar Babaryka?

The main news: everything is alright with Viktar Babaryka. The lawyer has seen him today, and according to his words Viktar Babaryka is in good health, cheerful and ready for further actions.

About the referendum

With the assistance of the United Civil Party, an application for holding a meeting on the discussion of the referendum was sent. We plan to hold it in the Park of Friendship Peoples Friendship (Minsk) on July 12 2020. At this moment we are waiting for an approval from the city authorities. At the meeting, we would like to hold a public discussion of constitutional reform and talk about all the proposals you have regarding the referendum.

About the power of solidarity

Our HQ expresses great gratitude to all the people who support us online and offline. This is incredibly important, because it shows that you and we are one unity, united people. It is your support, your desire to change something, that inspires us. We often hear that we are your hope, but, in fact, that is you who instills this wonderful feeling in our hearts. Today the system is so incompetent that everything good that happens in the country happens not thanks to it, but in spite of it. It happens due to the efforts of active people and their initiatives. Even a few useful things that the state does, are thanks to all of us and our pressure.

What should we do now?

For now, our main task is to inform the system that we aren’t pleased with it. We should express our disagreement in every possible way. Do not endure. Write complaints to all authorities. Tell the local policemen that you disagree with them. Spread the information, talk with the elderly, including on the social media “Odnoklassniki”. The state does something for us only under our pressure. We must persist and tell the system that we don’t need such a system. We are in majority and the changes are irreversible.

About non-registration of Valery Tsepkalo

What an outrage. It is outrageous that strong alternative candidates who have their own views on further development of Belarus and who have proven their professional abilities with their work, are now rejected to be registered as candidates. It is outrageous that they are not even given an opportunity, the opportunity to win or lose in a fair fight. We express our solidarity to the headquarters of Tsepkalo. We know how difficult it is for all of us to work under these conditions. Hold on and don’t give up.

When can we see the program? What is the next step?

The main points of the program have already been determined and are being finalized by a group of experts. According to the law, work with the program can only begin after July 14, after the completion of the registration of candidates.

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