Maria Kalesnikava

On July 8, in the framework of a traditional stream, headquarters coordinator Maria Kalesnikava spoke about negotiations with representatives of other headquarters, a plan for the campaign period, and the first letter from Viktar Babaryka. We have collected all the answers to questions during the stream for you.

How are Viktar and Eduard Babaryka doing?

The headquarters does not have any details on the course of the criminal procedure, except for the information that appears in the media. The lawyer is bound by non-disclosure subscription. But we have some good news. Yesterday we received the first letter from Viktar Babaryka, dated July 5:

“Everything is more or less OK with me. I hope you have everything moving according to plan. And in general, the creative potential, I'm sure, is not diminishing :) Say hello to everyone, and I think it is important to remember that together we will win! Or together for the better!”

Elena Karagacheva’s family informed us that they also received news from her. Elena is cheerful and wishes victory and good luck to all of us.

This news is so small, but very important. And they help us to move on. We are grateful to everyone who supports us and is not afraid to express their support, approaches us on the street, hugs us. Thanks to your support we do not give up.

We know how important support is. Our headquarters is in solidarity with relatives and friends of everyone who is in the KGB jail or other prisons. Do not give up, stay strong, we support you. We are sure that justice will prevail.

Will you team up with other candidates?

It is still too early to talk about this. First, we have to wait for July 14 to understand who will be on the voting list. Yes, we communicate with representatives of some headquarters and support each other. We like everyone else have something to discuss. The signatures have been stolen from all of us. Now more than ever, solidarity and support are important. It is very symbolic that at such a time we have the strength to unite.

And how will the campaign go if Viktar Babaryka is registered?

The law sets aside agitation from July 14 to August 9. We have 30 proxies who have the right to apply and receive seats for meetings with voters. We plan to visit more than 150 cities and villages in order to meet people, bring our program to them, get to know each other  and most importantly – to hear what worries them, to learn about their problems.

By the way, according to the  law, any citizen has the right to campaign for any of the candidates whom he considers worthy to become president of the country. Therefore, any of you can support the candidate and campaign.

What if headquarters is arrested? Are you scared?

We do not violate the laws of our country, we act only within the framework of the legal field. Those who break the law must be afraid. We all have our own fears – fear of depth, height, fear of public speaking. But we are all adults and we understand that we are able to cope with our fears and thereby take responsibility for our future.

Do you understand that there are no elections ..?

From the very beginning of the election campaign, we have recorded all violations of the law. Now it is important for us to focus on the election process itself, so that it is held as honestly as possible, regardless of the list of candidates in the final list.

As you know, there is such a civil initiative called “Honest people”. Now they have launched a campaign to collect at least 100,000 observers throughout Belarus. It is very important that there are 10 or more observers at each voting station who would be present there throughout all the voting days. The more people join the initiative, the more likely they are to ensure fairness and transparency in the elections. You can join “Honest people” on social networks and find instructions on how to become an observer.

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