Today the Central Election Commission made its decision to refuse to register Viktar Babaryka.

We are convinced that this decision has nothing to do with fair elections. With respect to the Electoral Code. With equal rights to participate in elections. With respect to the electoral right of citizens of the Republic of Belarus.

The headquarters will take all measures to appeal the decision and ensure fair elections.

But every citizen can also take action: we need fair elections and we need a million complaints. We have filed a complaint with the CEC on behalf of the headquarters. You can also file a complaint. COMPLAINT

You can submit it personally, you can send it by mail to the CEC: Minsk, Savieckaja St., 11, 220010.

If you do not live in Minsk, you can send your complaint by mail.

Take care and do not forget to keep a social distance when submitting your complaint.

We should all continue to work until August 9, as the elections will be held on August 9. And at these elections, it will be proved that the electoral majority supports the change.

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