We receive a lot of messages from people who are worried that Belarus is going to shut down Internet access on August 9 and 10. However, we do not want to live in North Korea, we want to live in a free Belarus! That is why it is important to go to the Voice platform and sign up right now, and then send photos of your ballot as soon as possible. The platform is going to accept your photos after election day as well!

What TO DO:

Send 2 pictures of your completed ballot (front and back) to the VOICE chatbot in Viber or Telegram on August 9 or later (as soon as you can). NO passport photos, NO selfies, JUST the ballot.

What NOT to do:

❌ Do not publish any photos of your completed ballots on election day, August 9, as it will be regarded as campaigning.
❌ Do not email us your photos, do not send your photos to our DMs, do not post your photos in comments – they will not be counted!

❗️ IMPORTANT: you can only send photos of one ballot from your Viber/Telegram account. One phone number = 1 vote!

Why is it legal to take photos of your ballot?

Everyone has rights guaranteed by the Electoral Code. If someone puts pressure on you, ask them politely to cite the EC article which prohibits taking photos of the ballot. Remember that the Electoral Code has no such article!
So, stay calm, vote and take photos of both sides of the ballot.

If someone tries to prevent you from taking pictures, what can you refer to?

«The ballot shall be completed by the voter in the booth or the room for voting by secret ballot. The presence of anyone other than the voter during the completion of the ballot is prohibited.». Article 52 of the Electoral Code.

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