Запущен чат-бот для участников инициативной группы

We have launched a chatbot! It is going to become a personal assistant to the members of the initiative group when they collect signatures.

The chat will guide every member of the initiative group through an easy step-by-step process so they can set up alerts for important news and get answers to questions. 3441 people installed the chatbot in one day!

All members of the initiative group of Viktar Babaryka have received a text message with a link to download the chatbot. If you have not received this text for some reason, please call +375295703450 or leave a request here so that Viktar Dmitrievich’s team can contact you immediately!

The chatbot is still in test mode, so please be patient if there are some glitches. The team is working very hard to ensure that all members of the initiative group get their answers as quickly as possible!

Thank you for being proactive and patient. Together we shall prevail!

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