Meeting in Minsk

This Thursday, July 30, a big rally of presidential candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanovskaya with participation of Veranika Tsapkala and Maria Kalesnikava will be taking place in Minsk!

Place and time: People’s Friendship Park. 18.00

The key theme of this rally is “Love”. Because we all know that “We Love! We Can! We Will Win!” We love our country, we love our people, who are honest, courageous and real. Speakers, presenters and music bands will take the stage to talk about this.

The following people are joining us to support Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: B:N:, Litesound, PyLai, Loudscage, performers Lera Yaskevich, Alexander Kiss, Sergey Kosmas, and hosts Pavel Kostevich and Artemis Akhpash.

Tell your friends! Come to the rally yourself and bring your friends! Let’s show that we are the majority!

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