On October 15, Aliaksandr Pylchanka, who had been a member of the Minsk City Lawyer Association for 30 years, was disbarred. This is yet another example of a legal default. That’s it! The state is broken, it doesn’t work anymore! 

Today the acting government has shown its true colors again: they are afraid of the truth, afraid of professionals who stand on the letter of the law and for whom the law is paramount. 

Aliaksandr Pylchanka is an honest lawyer, who takes principled stands. He defended Viktar Babaryka since the first day of his unsubstantiated arrest. He defended Maria Kalesnikava who was kidnapped and persecuted for no legal reason.

We are grateful to all lawyers for their solidarity, strength and faith in the rule of law. We know the pressure is now being put on the lawyers who are brave enough to defend political prisoners. We are together! The truth is on our side!

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