Dear friends!

Right now, the outcome of the elections depends on our actions. The fate of our country
depends on our actions.

Our message today concerns each and every one of us, regardless of our political views and the candidate we support. If you do not want to keep wondering what to do over the next five years, remember three simple things you need to do right now.


We must find out the real results of the elections. That is why we ask everyone to use the “Voice” platform. Go to right now, follow the link to open Viber or Telegram and choose your candidate. When you have voted, tell your parents about this platform. The more people register, the more accurate results we will get.


Start wearing a white ribbon right now – it is the symbol of fairness and change. Wear it when you come to vote, and only come to vote on August 9. Do not vote early. If someone tries to pressure you, refuse to heed their demands. If you receive threats, contact the “Honest People” project. You can look it up online, and they will definitely help you.


When you come to the polling station on election day, check your ballot: it should have at least two signatures on the reverse side. Vote and take a picture of you ballot (both front and back). Send the pictures to the Voice chat bot in Viber or Telegram (whichever you had used to select your candidate before). This is an obligatory step. If you cannot upload the picture right away because your phone’s Internet connection is slow, take pictures of the ballot anyway — you can send them later. If members of the commission try to prevent you from taking a photo, ask them to cite the article of the Electoral Code that prohibits photographing the ballot. No such article exists. Taking the picture is legal and safe. Nobody will know your choice, and your vote will definitely be counted.

One more time.

Go to “Voice” platform website right now and choose your candidate. Come to the polls wearing a white ribbon, and only come on August 9. Take pictures of your ballot (front and back) and send it to the chatbot.

These are the three key steps that will help you ensure fair elections. Help us make every Belarusian informed: share this video, talk to your friends and relatives, help those who is not good with smartphones. Many people want change, but not everyone understands what exactly they need to do. These three steps will help us to organize fair elections and find out the result that is calculated by the voters themselves.

If you have any more questions, contact Honest People on social media.

We will see you at the polls on August 9.
We will fight for every vote.

Thank you.

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