On July 28th, approximately 50 people were detained while submitting Motions for Personal Suretyship for Viktar Babaryka to the State Security Committee.

This is a brazen and cynical detention. People entered the building without any suspicion. There they were detained by the special police forces OMON, escorted out of the building into the courtyard, loaded into a paddy wagon and taken to the District Department for Internal Affairs. The majority of people weren’t able to submit their motions.


Thank you for responding to our plea. It is very important. It is even more important to support those who have been detained.

If you have any information about your relatives, friends or other detainees, please contact us immediately.

Contact number: +375 29 570 34 50

Friends who tried to submit a motion for Viktar Babaryka yesterday, on July 28, please read the information below.

We also ask those who managed to submit their motions to please share your first and last name, and address with Viktar’s lawyers at [email protected].

If you did not submit the motion due to detention, please also email your first and last names, and address to Viktar’s lawyers. In your email please note that you were detained while trying to submit your motion.

It is very important for Viktar Babaryka’s lawyers to know about the motions that were successfully submitted in person or by mail.  They will incorporate this information into the general petition to change the preventive measure. If your acquaintances were not only detained and released, but an administrative offence protocol was drawn up, please inform us by email or by contacting our hotline.

Thank you!

United we will win!

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