285 001 signatures! That is the record in Belarus

Dear all, we have collected the unbelievable number of signatures to support an alternative nominee, the current number is 285 001. It inspires, indeed it does!

A million of thanks to those who are in our initiative group, those who were working on the picket points, who were knocking the random doors and those who were getting signatures from their friends. But for you we could not have reached such a record.

Special words for those 285 001 Belarusians who have given their support to the alternative. Thank you that you believe in our common success.

No doubt, the number of us is growing. We are processing the signature charts, which are coming to the HD.

You still have a chance to sign until the end of the week, choosing the most comfortable option for you. You can use the following:

  1. send a request online. Our volunteers contact you and you could leave the signature. Let us kindly ask you to leave your address, where we can find you, even if it is different from your registered one.
  2. come up with your passport at any spots in the town, where we are collecting signatures. You can check the nearest one here . The map is updated every day.

Members of the initiative group can submit their filled charts here.

ATTENTION! It should be done by June 14th . We need to be sure that all is right, as wells as checking all the signatures before submitting to the Central Electoral Commission.

Best Regards! May this week be nice and prolific!

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