In response to the accusations aired on Belarusian state TV, we would like to make the following statement:

  1. The Headquarters of Viktar Babaryka and all its representatives authorized to make public statements have always argued in favour of taking legal and peaceful actions during the election campaign and beyond.
  2. Indeed, over the last few days, we have lost touch with many of our volunteers. We now know that five of them have been detained.
  3. We have appealed for an end to violence on multiple occasions. Belarusian authorities are the ones responsible for the ongoing brutality.

The protests have no coordinators or leaders. They erupt spontaneously in all cities as a response to the deceitful, rude and violent acts by the authorities. Belarusians have been deceived, and their indignation is understandable.

Authorities resort to violence, and we urge them to stop using brutal force and acts of repression against civilians. We urge them to stop contriving Maidans on the streets of our cities.

We stand for a peaceful and stable Belarus. All Belarusians deserve a prosperous, calm and peaceful country where the citizens’ choice is treated with respect.

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