Max Bogretsov addressed the Belarusians inside and outside the country.

Friends! My name is Max Bogretsov.

Until recently, I lived in the States, led a business, and now I am here, in Belarus, helping to bring the country out of the crisis.

Violating the constitution and laws, destroying the law, the current government is trying to crush the voice of the people. At the same time, the people’s resistance which appeared in response to violence becomes even stronger.

We have no reason to stop, give in, bend. Students, workers, scientists, business owners and even athletes who brought fame to Belarus all over the world are being detained.

Everyone has friends, relatives, children or parents and no one will forget this injustice.

Paradoxically, the authorities think that protest moods are measured only by the number of people on the streets on Sunday.

Economists know how people’s moods influence investment, their willingness to spend, work, and create. How labor productivity falls when people do not trust the authorities.

Every day of continued violence brings us closer to an economic and social crisis.

This problem cannot be solved by arrests. This problem cannot be solved by kidnapping.

There must be a law on the street, there must be transparency in the actions of the state authorities, there must be security, there must be stability.

Every day more and more talented people are leaving Belarus. Someone wants to continue to live and build a career in safety where they live by the law, not by someone’s order. Many are driven out by force.

They are successful, smart people, and their patriotism, their desire to save the country from cruelty and lawlessness, does not disappear when they leave – they will fight everywhere for the future of their country, every day!

We have ample experience in building distributed teams. Burst into the office? Have Ivan and Anton taken to the border? It’s unpleasant, of course, but we adapt quickly.

Can’t meet? There is a possibility to connect by a video link. Unable to host a team meeting? Let’s make a vote in the chat.

Authorities are “helping” us to develop digital government and rapid online opinion polls. We would have preferred another form of support, but we are already used to achieving results not thanks to, but in spite of.

I was always amazed at the ability of Belarusian private businesses to create something new out of nothing in these conditions. I can only imagine what we can achieve if no one interferes.

We are one team. And those who are free in Belarus, and Belarusians abroad, and those who are in prison – they inspire us to work harder.

We are different: from different headquarters and apolitical, poor and wealthy, workers, teachers, lawyers and programmers. But we have one goal – a free legal society and we will achieve our goal.

Together, we will win.

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