“I’m deeply touched that you are ready to support my dad until the very end.”

Today Maria Babaryka, Viktar Babaryka’s daughter, who currently lives in Australia, planned to join our weekly stream. However, due to technical issues she was unable to go live, so Maria prerecorded a video message.

“Thanks a lot!”

In the beginning of her message, Maria revealed that she is overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude to the people, who didn’t remain indifferent:

“I was astonished by the number of active civic-minded people. Starting from attorneys, who are defending selflessly my dad and my brother, my loved ones. I was very pleased to meet with the guys from the HQ campaign . You know, you are so diverse, so cool and energetic, so radiant. You truly embody Belarus. Thanks to everyone, who joined the campaign. There’re so many of you! I proudly witnessed the speed with which you appeared to be gathering such a huge number of signatures. I bow to you. I am grateful to my close friends, who in the dad and brother’s absence help to take care of our dogs and our cat Sonya.

We are surrounded by such a tremendous number of kind and wonderful people. Thanks to all of you, who’ve found the time to write some words of support to me.

I’m deeply touched that you are ready to support my dad until the very end. That you are ready to defend him. I truly believe that you won’t let any harm come to my dad, my brother or those unfairly affected by the latest events.”

On the criminal investigation

Viktar Babaryka’s daughter weighed up the ongoing criminal investigation against her father:

“You know, it hurts me that someone believes his own people to be so stupid; he thinks that they cannot connect the clues. I don’t understand why the entire process is kept secret. The attorneys are prohibited to discuss and detail the case, while at the same time the media make outlandish announcements and it keeps escalating. It all started with allegations of tax evasion, then it grew into criminal organization. I’m going to watch with interest what’s going to happen next. Is it some kind of global conspiracy against Belarus? Some intergalactic plots?”

Maria also expressed her support to everyone who ended up in similar circumstances and unable to contact their families and loved ones.

On her father’s decision

“In our family, we make every decision jointly, especially such major decisions. I realized that dad seriously considers this for the first time at the end of the last year, when he asked my opinion on this matter. Back then I told him that for me the most important thing is his safety. He was like: “You see, Masha, it’s that I really know what has to be done. What am I going to tell to my grandkids? That I knew what to do and got scared away?..”

It makes me happy that in your DM’s you thanked my dad and brother for their incredible courage: they took this step knowing pretty well the losses they would face and risks taken. They did it anyways.”

On the new Belarus

“I’m convinced that the efforts you make will pan out so that to build a new, prosperous Belarus. When it comes to me, I’ll try to do my utmost to help you in this endeavor. Thanks a lot to all of you who do not stay indifferent and support our family in these hard times ”

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